Monday, August 27, 2012

Who is the guidance counselor and what does she do at my school?

I found this creative idea on Karin Thiele's blog, School Counselor Blog, and thought it was perfect for helping students understand the multitude of ways I can help them at school!  During the first week of school I plan on visiting each classroom to introduce myself and give them a taste of what they have in store for the year with me.  First, ask for volunteers to come up and help explain the guidance program on our campus.  Make sure they are comfortable with wearing a disguise!  Each student will receive some costume pieces to put on for the class.  Then, ask the remaining students about their observations of their disguised classmates.  Pay close attention to what they notice and elaborate on how it describes each role of a school counselor:

Clown Wig – “Coming to see the counselor is no big HAIRY deal.”
I enjoy seeing all students at Lee Elementary. I am here for each and every one of you. It’s a really good thing to be able to come down to my room, sit, and visit with me about whatever you choose.

Big Ears - “If you come visit me, I’ll be all EARS.”
I am all EARS! I love listening to all of you, and I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

Big Glasses – “Maybe I can help you SEE things a little more clearly.”
I am here to help you see things from another person’s viewpoint. There is always more than one way look at things, especially when there are disagreements between people.

Animal Nose – “I promise I won’t try to NOSE into your business.”
I will try not to be NOSEY about you I care about all of you and if I can ever help you, please let me know. I will not nose into your business, unless you want me to.

Mask – So the next time you’re NOT FEELING LIKE YOURSELF . . .”
Sometimes we are happy, sad, frightened, mad, confused, upset, or excited. WE all have these feelings, and it’s OK.

Clown Shoes and Gloves – STEP into my office and let me give you a HAND with your problem. That is what I am here for. 

Original idea from K Thiele. (2010, September 14). Getting to know the counselor [Web log post]. Retrieved from

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