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Click on "Lesson" to see the complete activity or click on the underlined handout after the dash to go directly to a pdf copy for download if applicable.  These are just a handful of lessons that I have blogged about, not a comprehensive list.  Please feel free to use and share anything I've created/found with giving the appropriate author credit.  Enjoy!  

School-wide Lessons
Our New Peace Path! Lesson
Practicing Our Peace Path Lesson - Peace Path
The Great Kindness Challenge Lesson
No Name Calling Week Lesson
Red Ribbon Week Lesson - How Drugs Affect Your Body 
Kelso's Choices Lesson
We Are Bucketfillers Lesson

Small Group Counseling Toolbox
Don't Break the Ice with Worries Lesson - Prompt Handout

Fairness & Compromising Lesson
It Only Takes One Lesson - One Handout
My Mouth is a Volcano Lesson - Volcano Handout
Learning About Perseverance Lesson
Respecting Our Differences Lesson
Practicing Kelso's Choices Lesson
Great Listeners Lesson - Listener Handout
Interrupting Chickens Lesson
Monster Feelings Lesson

1st Grade
The Marshmallow Test Lesson
How to Lose All Your Friends Lesson - Wanted Poster
Armadillo Tattletale Lesson - Tattle/Report Post-Its 
The Juicebox Bully Lesson
Bully Bugs Lesson
Personal Space Camp Lesson - Good Choice vs Bad Choice T-Chart, Examples of Choices

2nd Grade
Teamwork & Sportsmanship Lesson - Transformation Pictures
Practicing Listening Skills Lesson - Can We Build It? Lego Instructions
Bully B.E.A.N.S. Lesson - Bully B.E.A.N.S. Response Sheet
Tattle Tongue Lesson - Tattle Tongue Poster, Tattle Tongue Bookmark

3rd Grade
Teamwork with Cup Stack Lesson
Sportsmanship Lesson - Transformation Pictures
Don't Bite The Hook Lesson
Tease Monster Lesson
Rumors & Toothpaste Lesson - Toothpaste Words

4th Grade
Bystander vs Upstander Lesson
Exploring More About Bullies Lesson
Being Me Lesson
Bullying Survey Lesson - Is It Bullying? Chart
3 Keys to Success Lesson

5th Grade
Habit 6, Synergize Lesson - Personality Quiz, Leaning Tower of Feetza
Habit 2, Begin With The End in Mind Lesson - Goal Setting Packet
Habit 1, Be Proactive Lesson - Proactive vs Reactive Quiz, Circle of Control Organizer  

6th Grade
Self Care Lesson - Self Care Worksheet
Learning About Cyberbullying Lesson 

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