Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weird: Being Me.

In fourth grade we began the first book in Erin Frankel's series, named WeirdWeird tells the perspective of a "target" in a bullying situation occurring at school.  The main character, Luisa, thinks that by changing herself it will end the bullying and relentless teasing.  She eventually learns that the more she is herself, the happier she is and her confidence soars - putting an end to the bullying.

I asked students to think about what makes them "weird" and unique.  What makes you special and different from everyone else?  With these questions in mind, students began a fun & colorful art project to show off who they really are on the inside.


  1. Where can I download the worksheet that was used?

    1. Hi Lisa! I hand-drew it with a ruler and sent it through the copier. I've seen other counselors draw a cloud instead of an explosion shape, you could even use a heart. :)