Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Mouth is a Volcano

In kindergarten we read My Mouth is a Volcano written by Julia Cook.  Toward the beginning of the year we read another story about interrupting (see post here) but it's always a good reminder to reinforce appropriate social skills.  Students enjoy this book and end up laughing at the predictable sequence that occurs each time he has a thought - words pop into his head, slide down his tongue, rumble in his tummy, get pushed by his tongue and erupt!  It is only when he is interrupted by others that he starts to feel the effects and changes his behavior.

After the story we brainstormed ideas that we can try when we are about to "erupt."  We wrote them erupting out of a volcano!

Then I had students pick an idea that they would try when they're about to erupt, and write it on this cute printable from Miss Gibson you can download here.

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