Monday, March 30, 2015

S.T.E.P. Problem Solving Method

As part of our SEL curriculum through Second Step, students learn about the S.T.E.P. method for solving their everyday problems.  The last 7 lessons in 4th grade are all about problem solving.

In these lessons students learn that following steps can help you solve problems and be successful at school.  When you say the problem without blame and take responsibility for their part, problems can be resolved in a respectful way.  Some solutions to problems are complicated and need a plan.  Plans help you break down a big ask into smaller, more manageable parts.  You are better able to resolve conflicts when you are able to calm down and use the Problem-Solving steps.

Students were placed into small groups and each described the steps they would use to solve common problems that occur during their school day.  Here are the posters they created:

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