Friday, October 10, 2014

4th Grade Bullying Survey

In fourth grade we've begun our unit on bullying.  Each year I spend time in each grade level teaching developmentally appropriate lessons to increase their depth of understanding about bullying.  I begin by having students fill out a quick True/False quiz to see their initial opinions of what bullying is:

We then go through the following charts, one that I adapted (download here) from Mrs. Sinclair's Counseling Blog to fit our students and district's definition of bullying & two from Savvy School Counselor's Blog.  I read different scenarios aloud to students and each table discusses which box it most accurately reflects.

After students have a clear understanding, we go back over their True/False survey to see how accurate they were and what they now have learned.  I finish by having them take an online google survey I created.  The survey asks a variety of questions about their experiences with bullying at our school.  My following visit we go through the results and discuss our findings.  We reflected on the results that most shocked us, did not surprise us, which behaviors were the most common types of bullying behaviors at our school and how we could make Lee Elementary a safer place.

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