Monday, October 20, 2014

Practicing Kelso's Choices

In kindergarten, Kelso's Choices is an exciting new way for students to help solve their problems.  After learning about each of the 9 choices last week, it was time for them to see it in action and practice it themselves.  I began by showing them this quick video to review some of the options available for conflict resolution:

After the video, I introduced the kindergarteners to Lilly, Kelso's friend.
I told them that Lilly and Kelso are having some problems that they need our help with.  Students would have the opportunity to help Kelso and Lilly solve their problems by coming up and acting them out.  I had a baggy of potential problems that students encounter throughout the day that we drew from.  After I read each problem, I asked for volunteers to come act it out using Kelso and Lilly.  Students quickly realized how fast problems can be solved using Kelso's Wheel of Choices.  By role-playing different problems with puppets, it gave our students the opportunity to practice real-life problems in a non-threatening and engaging way.

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