Thursday, January 15, 2015

Self Care in 6th Grade

We, as adults, easily get lost in our daily to do's and prioritize everything but ourselves.  When was the last time you did something selfishly for yourself?

Our sixth graders are feeling the weight on their shoulders with middle school applications, schoolwide projects, science fair and standardized testing just to name a few.  After a relaxing winter break I thought it would be the perfect time to help our sixth graders recognize what they selfishly enjoy and then sprinkle more of that into their stressful lives.  

I first shared the ways I take care of myself with this simple picture:

Then I opened up the discussion for them to start sharing the things they enjoy.  We used a simple graphic organizer that I made in Microsoft Word (you can download it here) to list out ways we can slow life down and show ourselves some love.  I separated the ideas into 3 main categories of self love: our mind, our body & our support system.

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