Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Lose All Your Friends

In first grade we have been working on social skills.  One very important social skill is learning about friendships: what we want in a friend, how to keep friends, what we bring to a friendship, etc.  I usually read the book How to Lose All Your Friends written by Nancy Carlson, but this year I found a cute video that reinforces her story.  I chose to show the silent movie and I read it aloud so we could pause to discuss at different points.

The students found the video hilarious and they quickly understood that this video is all the things NOT to do if you want to make and keep friends.  Together we brainstormed a list of what we look for in a friend and what we bring to the table as a friend.

Then we made "Wanted" posters to show and describe what we want in a real friend.  You can download the template here.


  1. Love your ideas and will use it with my kindergartners!! Thank you!!!!

  2. Love your ideas too! I am using this with my first graders. Thank you for the template too!