Thursday, September 20, 2012

Personal Space Camp

In second grade we read Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook.  The main character, Louis, loves anything and everything about space.  As he is teaching others about lunar landings, eclipses, etc. he invades others' personal space.  His teacher gives him an invitation to "Personal Space Camp" and Louis is excited.  He soon learns that there is a difference between outer space and personal space through activities he participates in.

As I blew bubbles, students observed how each one is unique in its size and shape.  When bubbles get too close or run into each other they pop.  We discussed how our personal space bubble changes in size and shape when we're around family we're close to or strangers that alert us.  Students drew pictures to represent the different ways our bubble looks on the carpet in class, at our desks, on the playground swinging, and shopping at the grocery store.

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