Monday, June 3, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

Starting June 5th the children are home, the sun is out.  Relaxation sets in...and then a few days later, the exclamations of "I'M BORED!" can be heard throughout the household.  What's a family to do?  Here are some suggestions of activities:

  • Create a Family Ideas Jar: each person writes different activities and ideas on paper slips and puts it in the jar.  Draw one out every few days for a family activity. (Ex: movie & popcorn night, library, museum, camp-out, picnic, collect old toys/clothes to donate, etc.)
  • Embrace Nature: make rubbings of textures in nature, hike, catch fireflies, camping, plant seeds, bird feeders,take pictures of plants and bugs that you might want to learn more about and then look them up together, Free Fun in Austin
  • Exercise Journal: record what they did and how they felt afterwards (Ex. biking, walking, hide and seeking, tag, basketball, hula hoop, catch, jumprope, etc.), this relieves stress and burns off excess energy

  • Indoor Activities: homemade playdough, creative snack ideas (ants on a log), board games (practice important skills such as taking turns, sharing, wining, losing, etc.), imaginative play, music, art, 10 things to do when you're stuck inside

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