Thursday, May 1, 2014

GoNoodle ROCKS!

I came across this AMAZING site on Pinterest when looking for brain breaks.  It is free & easy to navigate and SO MUCH FUN!!!  You create an account and can make different classes, which is perfect for me as a counselor.  For each class you pick an avatar that grows and changes the more time you spend doing brain breaks.

There are so many options available depending on your class needs: calming, energizing, just a break, refocusing, anger management, de-stressing, etc.  Some of the videos coached you through different moves, some were karaoke style, others tested listening skills, and some facilitated free styling.  I tested out a bunch with my kindergarten classes and we had a blast.  I first started with a discussion of personal space bubbles.  Students learned that if they bent, stretched, kicked, or flailed their arms in any direction they should not touch anyone.  If we accidentally popped someone's bubble, we were to apologize and then move where you could have more space.  Then we all moved to our dancing positions and began!

I had pre-selected different brain breaks and watched them ahead of time to see if they were appropriate for my goal.  The ones we did were Freeze It: Emotions, Exercise Like a Rock Star, Dancing Robots, Dinosaur Stomp, Ants in Your Pants, Happy, and Let It Go.  Here are a couple shots of us in action:


  1. When I click on the video it says "this video is private". Is there any place or way I could watch it? Thanks!

    1. I think I fixed it! This is my first time uploading a video. :) Let me know if it doesn't work when you try it again.