Friday, November 9, 2012

Geography Day

A yearly tradition at Lee Elementary is GEOGRAPHY DAY.   Teachers and parents transform the classrooms into 6 different countries. Each grade level is responsible to create one of the countries. Each year the students vote on the country they'd like to visit, and spend the day in a different country to add it to their passport. Students are mixed up in grade levels K-6.  They learn about games and traditions, listen to music, and try foods from those countries.  Students will also learn about the history, geography, and culture in one grade level.

First Grade is Italy:

Second grade is Uganda:

Kindergarten is the Rainforest:

Fifth grade is Ireland:

 Third grade is Australia:

Fourth Grade is Greece:

Sixth Grade is Japan

Special events for the day include a Japanese Classical Dance by Tsubomi & Austin Folk Dance Group, Irish Band - The Tea Merchants, Taiko Drummers, an Italian Opera Singer, Irish Dancing Lessons, UT Kendo Club, Irish Bagpipers, Italian Glass Blowers, Greek Dance Group, Australian Football, Irish Hurling by the Celtic Cowboys, Chocolates of the Rainforest, Herpeton Exotinc Animals, and Pan Flutes.

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