Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Respecting Differences in Kindergarten

In kindergarten I have started a 2-part lesson to help our students learn that we each are unique and special.  Diversity is an important concept for students to understand in our world.  We each look different, speak different, act different, and are given different opportunities.  Instead of an outlook of "I'm right" and "you're wrong," students can see how our unique talents work together to make a community.

I began my reading Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni.  This book features two main characters, a fish and a tadpole who believe they are the same.  As time passes, more and more differences become apparent and they learn that they can still be friends.  After reading this story, we discussed the differences between the two friends and how each one is unique.  Just as fish is fish and frog is frog, Ms. Sepp is Ms. Sepp, Brain is Brian, and so forth.

Then students began working in their own books on how they are unique.  The book is titled, "I am special: A book about ME" and can be download here from the website:   The book takes students through who they are, the size of their hand, their interests, their family, and finishes with an inspiring poem.

During my next visit, we read I Like Myself written by Karen Beaumont.  In this story we meet a young character that enjoys being silly.  She reinforces that no matter how she looks or what others say, she is always herself.  Self-confidence is the main theme of the story and this is captured through her secure statements.

Students worked on the next couple of pages in their book about themselves by cutting out pictures of things they like, drawing pictures of their families, and recording their favorite color.

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