Wednesday, May 1, 2013

College & Career Ready at Lee!

The Austin ISD Office of Academics mission is to develop and systematically support high quality, rigorous curriculum, programs and resources for school communities through collaboratively planning, communicating clearly roles and expectations, and building capacity for professional learning so that each and every student is college, career and life ready for global citizenship.

To support this mission, we are bringing awareness to college and careers at Lee Elementary during the month of May.  All guidance lessons will be focused on this topic and staff members will be filling out a survey to share their experiences from high school and on.  I created this bulletin board to showcase our education pathways, photos from graduation, and graphs to learn about what activities we were involved in as well as how we paid for college.

Here is the survey I created based on student's inquiries:

Here is the bulletin board:


  1. Great idea! Did you have a questionnaire each teacher filled out? Or did each teacher do their own? I would love to do this at my school.

    1. Thank you! I created a questionnaire based on questions that our students had (I've recently added a picture of it above). Then I compiled all of their information and found pictures of their school emblem/mascot to create a customized display for each teacher.