Friday, May 17, 2013

Posting Online

In fifth grade we've began a new project to help raise awareness of cyber-safety.  I found a variety of great resources on to help facilitate this.  We started by watching the video below, Miketosis.  In this video a crush is revealed during a science class and starts spreading quickly through the school by means of cell phones and computers.  Students text, email, share, and post this embarrassing information within seconds.

Afterward we discussed how the actions they take online can have offline consequences.  I asked them if they've, or someone they know, have ever posted something online that embarrassed them or got them into trouble.  How do they decide what information and images they post online?  What is okay to post and not okay to post?  Why do people post inappropriate messages and pictures online?  Who can see the things you text, email, and post?  Is there any way to guarantee privacy?  How might things that are shared affect your future?

Then I introduced the project.  Students were asked to create a story where something is shared through technology and the consequences associated with it:

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