Monday, March 3, 2014


In second grade we have started talking about what we will want to be someday.  Someday written by Eileen Spinelli has a fun approach to talking about our futures.  Our main character dreams about what she'll be doing eating with the president and discussing world peace, then she lets us in on what her life is like now...sitting across from her brother who's face is covered in food.  It allows students to see the possibilities that are out there and how they connect to everyday activities we do now.

After reading the story, we played "Career: I Have, Who Has."  This is typically a difficult game that requires strong listening skills.  I have failed many times with other "I Have, Who Has" games with older students in the past.  However, my second graders blew it out of the water!  They all say quietly in a circle and listened very carefully to the clues.  One class finished it flawlessly in under 4 minutes! :)

Afterward we worked on a career crossword puzzle to help us remember the names of common careers in our community.


  1. I love the idea of using "I have, Who has" for careers! Did you create yours yourself or did you find it somewhere?

    1. It was such a fun activity! :) I found it in the Career Day Activity Packet on Teachers Pay Teachers. There are many other activities and resources I found useful in it, well worth the money! Here is the link: