Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bystanders: The Juice Box Bully

In first grade this week, we read The Juice Box Bully written by Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy.   The Juice Box Bully is a story about a new student, Pete, who doesn't make good choices when interacting with other students.  The kids at Pete's new school teach him about "The Promise" that their school has made and get involved to be helpful bystanders.

The Promise:
  • I WILL speak up instead of acting as a bystander.
  • I CHOOSE to participate in activities that don't involve teasing.
  • I FORGIVE others if they make poor choices.
  • I MODEL good behavior.
  • I ACCEPT others for their differences.
  • I INCLUDE others in group situations.
  • I WILL talk to an adult when there is a problem I cannot manage on my own.
  • I AM powerful in making a difference in my school.

As a connection to No Name-Calling Week, we began our discussion talking about if they have ever been called a name or have been teased before.  How many of us have watched this happen to someone that we care about?  When we stand by and watch someone be treated unfairly, we are a bystander.  Bystanders can be helpful or hurtful by their choices.  We brainstormed a list of helpful things we can do if we see someone being bullied, teased, or called a name they don't like.  

Then we chose an idea from the list to create our own Juice Box of how we can help others in need.

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