Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Body Image & Self Esteem in Girls

As girls progress throughout the grades they begin to take more notice of themselves and how they are alike and different to other girls in their grade.  They focus on hair styles, clothing labels & style, and body shape - many of which are influenced by our media.  Girls start to feel that they aren't skinny enough or pretty enough and judge themselves harshly against unrealistic expectations that society promotes.  All of this pressure can have negative effects on growing girls and promote unhealthy behavior.

I showed my 6th grade girls this video created by Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty entitled "Evolution of Beauty":


After watching the video, we discussed their reactions to it.  What surprised you? What is beauty to them?  What characteristics do they have that make them beautiful?

Then we took a quick self-esteem quiz that I found on PD & Life Skills website:

We also discussed ways to have a positive body image with this poster I found on Pinterest:


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