Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Career Videos

During the month of May we are focusing on careers.  I thought it would be a fun idea to have parents share their careers, but organizing schedules for speakers would disrupt our normal classroom routines and sounded a little overwhelming.  Then a lightbulb inside me went off!  What if I used our emphasis on technology to help share our parent's careers???

I created a private youtube channel and invited parents to upload short 2-3 minute videos using the criteria below.  Then I had students log in and peruse the videos, increasing both engagement and differentiation for their unique interests.  I sent home the following letter to parents to enlist their help:

Since not all careers are represented, I supplemented with additional careers using Kidsgov's TeacherTube channel.  Here you can watch additional kid friendly videos on a variety of careers.

Animal Keeper:

Marine Pilot:

Marine Biologist:

Army Dentist:


Biologist & Chemist:

White House Chef: