Tuesday, May 26, 2015


In kindergarten our last lesson of the year was on mindfulness.  I started by asking students if they know what mindfulness means.  Many students hit it spot on!  Mindfulness is all about being aware of your self and your emotions, being present.  When students are feeling big emotions, it's important for them to recognize what is happening in their body in order to take control.  I found this great, kid-friendly video that helps students recognize what happens to their body and uses a smart analogy of a bottle of sparkles being shaken up inside their brains.

After the video we discussed how their bodies feel when they are having a big emotion and what tips the video told us on how to regain control.  Then we practiced these strategies using two great videos on GoNoodle.  Both "Flow" and "Safe & Calm" guides students through the relaxation process.  Students enjoyed getting to lay down and close their eyes on the carpet!

Parents!  You can create a free, all access account on GoNoodle to do at home over the summer!  Check out the following information:

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