Monday, October 28, 2013

Cyberbullying Prevention Tips

CommonSense Media is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a digital world and tackle the issue of cyberbullying.  They have begun a new campaign, "Stand Up, Don't Stand By," that provides parents and educators with the tools and information they need to teach kids about the role they might play in cyberbullying, and how they can stop it.

Unfortunately, cyberbullying is an issue in schools everywhere.  At Lee Elementary, we believe it's best to address cyberbullying and the way our kids treat each other online proactively.  We know we have a responsibility to help our kids grow and thrive in this new media world.  Through my guidance lessons, I will be teaching and empowering our older students not only to stand up to cyberbullying, but also to practice safe, smart, and respectful digital behavior every day.

CommonSense Media has developed many resources to help parents and teachers with guiding children through safe online communication.  They have put together a helpful video for parents that includes tips for teaching your children how to communicate appropriately online.  Additionally, here are 2 informational fact sheets below.

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