Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feelings Bingo!

This week in kindergarten I put the kiddos to the test!  For the last few weeks we've been discussing feelings through different stories and activities.  I introduced Feelings! Bingo to them and explained the rules.  Since each bingo board had different feelings faces on it (from Jellybean Jamboree), I showed each face and we brainstormed what they might be feeling.  Then I explained that I will be reading clues for them to figure out which feeling I'm describing.

For example, "I put my shirt on backwards this morning and my classmates are laughing at me."  I elaborated by describing what your body might be feeling, "blushing, hanging head low, holding back tears, hiding face, stomach doing flips..."  (embarrassed)

When students earned "Bingo!" I gave them a feelings face sticker:

I concluded the lesson with one of my favorite tricks, The Magic Coloring Book of Feelings!  It appears to be just a regular coloring book, but I ask students to describe how they are feelings and "throw" their feelings into the book which "colors it."  They enjoy when I shake out their feelings and end up with a blank book.

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