Thursday, October 10, 2013

Keys to Success in 4th Grade

Each year I LOVE to do this lesson with my fourth graders!  It comes from Puzzle Pieces, a guidance lesson book full of relevant lessons for my students.  This lesson helps students learn the relationship between success in school and future success in a career.  The students had a great time taking some job "tests." ;)

I began the lesson by having students name as many jobs as they could think of.  This led the students to the realization that they do currently have a job - school.  We then talked about behavior and about how repeated patterns of behavior can become habits.  Once a behavior becomes a habit, it can be difficult to break.  Habits tend to influence our reputation.  I used examples of habits that students could have right now that would greatly affect them later in life in a career or occupation - being late, failing to complete a task, speaking disrespectfully to authority, or not getting along with peers.

Students then learned about three keys to being successful at any job.  The first is following directions.  Be sure to ask your child if you can see their following directions test.  The second key is concentrating.  The third key is to think before any choice.  Your child will most likely try to trick you with their extra copy of "Job Test Number Three."  The point of this test is that you cannot always go with your first impulse when answering a question or performing a task.  Most times decisions require thought and concentration.

These ideas that we discussed in class can help students not only in future careers but also in their current schoolwork.  School is the practice field for most of life's experiences, and your child is at an age where realizing that everything they are learning is relevant and applicable to everyday life is crucial.

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