Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Way I Feel in Kinder

In kindergarten we are continuing to talk about feelings we experience.  We started by reading the amazingly illustrated The Way I Feel by Janan Cain.  In this story we are introduced to different characters that are experiencing more complex feelings such as jealousy, disappointed and frustrated.  The pictures are vivid and students easily relate to their own memories of feeling that way.

After the story we played "Musical Feelings" using Todd Parr's Feelings Flashcards.  These are AMAZING!  They have a different emotions on each side so students have a choice with each card.  I had students stand in a circle around the outside of their large carpet and I placed the feelings flashcards in front of them.  As the music played students walked/danced/skipped around the cards.  Once the music stopped, they grabbed the closest card to them and sat on the carpet.  Students raised their hands to describe a time when they felt the feeling on their card.  If they shared I rewarded them with a small candy corn eraser (thank you Dollar Spot at Target!).  This was also good practice for listening skills!

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