Monday, February 10, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2014

Research shows that students who learn in a positive classroom environment have a better school experience.  They earn higher test scores, learn new skills at a faster rate and are overall happier at school.  To help schools across the country build and sustain positive classroom environments, The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation developed a series of activities to teach kindness in the classroom and school wide.  Practicing kindness in the classroom transforms kids, which leads to positive learning environments.

During the week of Feb 10-14, we will be promoting kindness at Lee Elementary.  Students will be completing a series of random/secret acts of kindness toward those they care about and respect at school and at home.  This is a week where our students take initiative to thank those around us and participate in a pay it forward effort to make the world a better place.

Posters are hung around our school that display kind quotes and simple ideas to try throughout the week.

Upper grade students are on a secret mission to perform one kind act a day throughout this week.

Lower grade students are filling up a bingo board with kind acts they do for others throughout this week.

We also have morning announcements each day that suggest easy ideas for students to try.  In addition to learning about bucket filling, some grade levels will be creating Valentine Postcards that will be sent to the Austin VA Outpatient Clinic to thank our Veterans for their service to our Country.

Click here to read about activities Lee students participated in during RAK week 2013.

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