Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Kindergarteners are Respectful

In kindergarten we finished up our talks about feelings, and moved onto our actions.  Every choice we make reflects our character.  When we make good choices, others trust and respect us.  When we make poor choices, others form a negative opinion about us.

We read The Way I Act written by Steve Metzger & Janan Cain.  Students recognized this has the sequel to The Way I Feel that we read a few weeks previously.  It explores different behaviors we exhibit and the consequences, positive or negative, that go along with them.  We talked about how we want others to see us, and by making good choices we show our stellar character.

The following week we continued our discussion of character by reading Do Unto Otters written by Laurie Keller.  In this funny play of the Golden Rule, students learn how to show respect to each other by thinking about how we like to be treated.  We then brainstormed ways that we show respect to each other and our planet.

Students used these ideas to illustrate Respect Flipbooks:

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