Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weird: The Victim

I came across this great series of books written by Erin Frankel.  Each book takes on a different perspective of a bullying situation: the victim, the bully, the bystander.  This week in fourth grade we read Weird! which is the story of a victim.

As we read through the story, students saw that every time Luisa was teased she changed herself.  Little by little all of these small changes added up to being someone she was not, as well as giving Sam (the bully) power over her.  After a talk with her mom she decided she had to make a change for the positive.  She stopped listening to Sam's taunting and gained the power back as well as her true self.

I asked students to think about characteristics of themselves that others might find weird.  For example, I don't drink coffee.  Although many friends and co-workers think this is weird, it's something that makes me unique, makes me myself.  I happen to enjoy tea instead.  Students were asked to come up with examples of words, phrases, activities, and characteristics that are unique and special to their personality.  Then we created these beautiful star-burst pictures using watercolor to share with others our true selves.

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