Friday, November 1, 2013

Kelso is Ready to Help!

 Kelso is back in ACTION at Lee Elementary!

Kelso & His Friend Lily sitting atop my bookshelf
Students have been begging for Kelso to come visit their classroom with me and it is finally time!  Kelso is our counseling mascot at Lee, helping students solve their problems with his simple wheel of choices:

Kelso's Choices is a conflict-management curriculum that teaches children that they can be problem solvers themselves.  Students learn to determine small problems they can handle on independently and large problems that require an adult's help.  After reintroducing him to our students and having them explain how it works (see previous post here), we were ready to create our own Kelso to help us out.  I was inspired by two different bloggers, Mrs. H & The Creative Counselor, and adapted their ideas to "Kelso-ize" them.

In first grade, students made their Kelso's with his mouth containing the different choices they can try to resolve conflict:

In second grade, students made a problem solving lily pad for Kelso and his choices.  The bottom plate had the 9 choices glued onto it and the top plate had a slice cut out for them to spin it around until they found one they wanted to try:

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