Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Union is Strength

In one of our second grade classes students haven been struggling to make good choices.  Unfortunately it is not all the students in the class that are having difficulty, but the few that are earn negative consequences for the entire class.  Frustrated, some students approached me about ideas they could implement with their class for a positive change.  I welcomed this invitation and scheduled a time to come process their feelings and frustrations. 

I started by showing them the following video, which has 3 separate clips:

I then asked them about the message in each of the clips, what did they have in common?  Students responded with working together, teamwork, helping each other out, listening to each other, protecting each other, etc.  This was a springboard into our discussion of the key to being successful as a group: teamwork.  We talked about the behaviors that happen during lunchtime, specials, transitioning in the hallways, etc. and how we could put a stop to it.  Here is what they came up with:

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