Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lee Elementary Peace Path

In third grade this week we reviewed strategies to solve conflict.  Last year students were introduced to Kelso, so I gave them a blank Kelso's wheel to see how many problem solving strategies they could recall.

After we reviewed the 9 options, I told them that we would be specifically focusing on "Talk it Out," a strategy that we practiced last year with "I Messages" and "Empathic Responses" (see post here), but taking it a step further.

Presenting...the Lee Elementary Peace Path (You can download it here)!

We role played the 4 easy steps to successfully talking it out when we have conflict with another.  I modeled each role with different students, then I let them come up with their own fake problems to act out in front of the class.


  1. I love this! Is there a way to get a copy of the posters you made to create the peace path? If so, I would love them!

    1. Yes, I've added a pdf you can download into the post. :) Thanks!