Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lee Counseling Bulletin Board

I chose to split my tall bulletin board into 2 separate spaces this year.  It's located in the main hallway when you enter the school and I chose bright colors to grab parent's attention.  The top of the bulletin board has a welcome message and information for finding my helpful blog.  I also posted two flyers on the topics of cybersafety and local free counseling services.  In the green pouches I put additional resources parents can grab such as the Christi Center, SEL Brochure, Counseling Brochure and Community Resources available to families in the community.  I targeted the bottom half of the bulletin board toward our Lee students.  Inspired by Marissa's, Dear Tim, I created "Dear Kelso."  Each month Kelso will have a new problem for students to help him solve.  Students can submit their helpful advice to my counseling box and a winning solution will be chosen each month.

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