Friday, September 6, 2013

New Student Picnics

At the beginning of each school year I like to host New Student Picnics for are our Lee Newbies.  This year we had 29 new friends that joined our community!  I typically do these the second week of school to allow new students to get settled before I start pulling them from their lunchtime.

I sent out invitations to each new student at the end of the first week of school.  Each day I hosted picnics for two grade levels to allow me enough time to meet with two groups.  For example, I met with 1st grade & 4th grade on the same day because their lunches were 45 minutes apart.  This gave me enough time to tidy up before the next group came.

I used colorful bulletin board paper as a table cloth and cut up a large bowl of oranges each day for them to enjoy.  The purpose of the picnics is to help new students identify a support network in their new setting.  We practiced friendship skills, identified things they had in common with other new students, and became familiar with the rules and expectations of Lee Elementary.  After 3 days of picnics I had made many new friends!

We also discussed the following questions to open up and get to know each other a little better:
  • How many schools have you gone to before coming to Lee?
  • What do you miss about your old school?
  • What is one thing that has helped you feel welcome at Lee?
  • What is the hardest part about moving?
  • What is something you are excited about for this year?

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