Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Counseling Corner

I am extremely lucky to have such a snazzy space at my school!  I really did luck out, it's spacious and bright! :)  I created unique spaces to facilitate group counseling, individual counseling, talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, conferences with parents and a cool down area...


  1. Love your "Dear Kelso" idea....I might have to borrow it. :) Also, the green and blue paper? balls hanging in your room...where did you get them? I have a very tall (tiny) room and those would look dazzling in my cloffice if my custodian would let me do it.

    1. Thank you Tanya! The green and blue hanging lanterns are from Hobby Lobby. I found them in the seasonal section on clearance for just a few dollars. They came in packs of 3. Good luck decorating your cloffice! :)